Although some of our speaker models will include a microphone and have a microphone input - many ION users are curious if their speaker model is capable of using a microphone with.


Microphone Input Types

The standard cable that is used for a microphone is an XLR cable, which looks like this:

Some of our microphones will use an XLR cable.

However, we do have some microphones that will have a 1/4" output, which will look something like this:

Understanding Microphone "Phantom Power"

For most standard 'live' microphones - electric power is transmitted through the audio cables that carry the audio signal. 

The term “phantom” comes from the fact that there is no obvious power cable.

Whether the input type is XLR or 1/4", the microphone is receiving electrical power from the speaker, or 'PA', itself.

Is My Speaker Microphone Compatible?

Many of our speakers will have microphone inputs, and some will even include a microphone.  The inputs of our microphone compatible speakers will look something like this:

However, many ION users will be curious as to how to set up a microphone with a speaker, that only has an Aux input, such as this:

(Aux inputs are very similar to a 1/4" input, but it is 1/8" and does not provide phantom power to a microphone.)

How to Send Microphone Audio to an Aux Input

In order to have microphone audio successfully pass to an Aux input, you will first need to power that microphone.

As the Aux input does not provide phantom power, something like an audio mixer will be required in this setup.  

Your setup would be described as such:  Microphone > XLR Cable > Mixer > Aux Input.

Although it is very possible to route microphone audio to a speaker which only has Aux inputs - many users will not find this ideal, as additional gear is required.  

ION Speakers That Support Microphones

If you are looking into purchasing an ION speaker for the purpose of use with a microphone; it is wise to first ensure that the product you are interested in is microphone compatible.  Here are some of our speaker series which tend to have microphone compatibility: 

- ION Audio Karaoke Speakers

- ION Audio Loud Speakers