The ION Audio Bright Max is a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker, with internal lighting and multi-sync functionality. In this article, we will go over some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ION Audio Bright Max.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the box with the ION Audio Bright Max?

  • (1) ION Audio Bright Max
  • (1) Micro USB Charging Cable
  • (1) Quickstart Guide


Why is my ION Audio Bright Max taking longer to charge?

The ION Audio Bright Max may take a long time to charge if the charger used is low-amp. We recommend using a 5v 2 amp charger with the included micro USB when plugged into the wall or plugging it into a computer's USB port to charge. Please try not to use the ION Audio Bright Max while charging to ensure faster charge times.


How do I care for the battery of my ION Audio Bright Max to get the best performance?

We recommend fully charging your battery before use. The batteries for The ION Audio Bright Max are shipped with a partial charge to ensure safe transit. We also recommend charging the battery fully after use and storing the ION Audio Bright Max with a full battery.


How do I use the Multi-Sync feature to connect a second ION Audio Bright Max speaker?

  1. Connect to one Bright Max speaker using the steps above. This will be the "primary" speaker.
  2. Double-press the Bluetooth button on the primary speaker to enter Multi-Sync mode. The Bluetooth LED will change from blue to solid white to indicate it is in Multi-Sync mode.
    • Note: Bright Max speakers should be within 100’ (30 m) of each other to properly sync. The closer the speakers are, the faster they will sync.
    • Note: To exit Multi-Sync mode, double-press the Bluetooth button again.
  3. Power on any other Multi-Sync compatible speakers, then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the secondary speakers to disconnect any currently connected Bluetooth sources.
  4. Double-press the Bluetooth button to enter Multi-Sync Mode for the secondary speakers. The Bluetooth LED will begin flashing green and the secondary speakers should automatically find and sync to the primary speaker.
  5. Once a successful sync is established, the Bluetooth LED on the secondary speaker will be lit solid green.


Is it ok to leave my ION Audio Bright Max plugged in while I am using it?

If you are actively using the ION Audio Bright Max while charging the battery, the battery may not charge very well. We recommend leaving alone to charge or playing at a very low volume while charging to ensure a quality charge.


The Ion Audio Bright Max is only able to link to other ION Audio Products that use Multi-Sync technology. Meaning not all ION Bluetooth products will be able to link to the ION Audio Bright Max, only those that also are Multi-Sync enabled.

When pairing The ION Audio Bright Max with other Multi-sync enabled speakers you will not be able to change the speakers' volumes independently, so larger speakers will be louder. We recommend using the smallest speaker as the primary speaker for best results


Why does my ION Audio Bright Max Power off on its own?

The ION Audio Bright Max has a power-saving feature that will cause it to automatically power off if not being actively used for 15 minutes.


Why am I unable to connect to the ION Audio Bright Max via Bluetooth?

When connecting to The ION Audio Bright Max using your phone or other device's Bluetooth make sure you are not connecting to the Bluetooth profile BrightMax_BLE this is reserved exclusively for the ION Audio Sound XP app to connect to. If you have done so please select 'Forget this device' on your Bluetooth device and try again.


What is the Ion Audio Sound XP App?

The ION Audio Sound XP App is an app available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to control applicable features of your Ion Audio device from a compatible smartphone or tablet.

For more details about the ION Audio Sound XP App, visit our FAQ guide here.


Can I connect an audio source without Bluetooth to the Ion Audio Bright Max?

Yes, the ION Audio Bright Max does have an Aux input, allowing you to plug in a 1/8" (3.5 mm) audio cable.