While all of our turntables are designed for stereo, because of the plug-and-play nature of class compliant devices your turntable may have been recognized by your computer as a Mono microphone on a windows computer. Here's a quick walkthrough on how to fix this if you run into this problem:

1. Make sure your USB Turntable is connected to your computer and powered on. 

2. On the Windows Desktop, click on the “Start” button (Windows logo) in the lower left-hand corner. 

3. Click on “Control Panel,” which is on the right edge of the start menu near the bottom. (please Search if it does not immediately appear)

4. Click on “Hardware and Sound” followed by “Sound.” You may just see “Sound” if you are in an icons view. 

5. Click on the “Recording” tab. 

6. Find the USB Turntable in the list (it will show up as “Microphone USB Audio Codec”). Click on it. 

7. Click the Properties button. 

8. Click on the Advanced tab. 

9. In the Default Format selection, make sure that “2 channel, 16-bit, 44100Hz (CD quality)” is selected. The incorrect default is for 1 channel.  Click Apply.

10. Click OK. 

If the computer was summing the signal down to audio, you will now be able to record to full stereo.