To link two PathfinderTM Go speakers together: 

Note: When you begin the Stereo-LinkTM process, any connected Bluetooth devices will be automatically disconnected. You can also disconnect your device prior to beginning by double-pressing the Bluetooth button. 

1. Press and hold the Stereo-LinkTM / Repeat button on both speakers to enter Stereo-LinkTM mode. You will hear a tone and the Stereo-LinkTM and Bluetooth icons on each speaker’s Display will begin flashing while they search for each other. 

Note: The linking process can take up to 30 seconds to complete. The closer the two speakers are to each other, the quicker the link is established. 

Once the speakers are linked, the Stereo-LinkTM icons on each speaker’s Display will be lit solid. 

2. Press and release the Bluetooth button on either speaker to select Bluetooth mode and begin the Bluetooth pairing process. The speaker you use for Bluetooth pairing will serve as the primary speaker. The Bluetooth icon on the primary speaker’s Display will flash to indicate it is searching for a Bluetooth device to pair with. 

3. Navigate to your Bluetooth device’s setup screen, find PATHFINDER GO, and connect. 

When the connection is successful, you will hear "Bluetooth Connected" from the primary speaker (if voice prompts are enabled), and the Bluetooth icon on the Display will be lit solid. 

When audio playback begins, you should hear it through both speakers. The primary speaker will play the left channel while the secondary speaker plays the right channel. Playback controls are active on both speakers. 

To disconnect two speakers or cancel linking between the two, double-press the StereoLinkTM / Repeat button on either speaker. 

Note: Pressing and holding the Power button on the primary speaker while in Stereo-LinkTM mode will power o all connected speakers. PathfinderTM Go speakers powered o in StereoLinkTM mode will automatically enter Stereo-LinkTM mode the next time they are powered on and begin searching for secondary speakers to connect to.