Many portable ION Audio speakers have the ability to stereo-link through Bluetooth to ONE additional speaker of the same model. The process below is compatible with the following models.

  • Adventurer
  • Block Rocker
  • Block Rocker XL
  • Explorer Express
  • Explorer XL
  • Game Day Lights
  • Game Day Party
  • Party Boom Plus
  • Party Rocker Max MK2
  • Pathfinder 280
  • Pathfinder 320
  • Pathfinder Go
  • Sport
  • Sport XL
  • Sport 320
  • Trailblazer

If you would like to play music from a Bluetooth device, you can first “link” two speakers of the same model together in order to listen to your music in stereo. One will serve as the left speaker and the other will serve as the right speaker.

1. Press and hold the Stereo-Link button on each speaker. Once a link has been established, the Link icon will remain on the Display. The Aux and FM modes will be disabled on both speakers once the two speakers are linked.

2. Once linked, the primary speaker will go into Bluetooth mode and look for a connection (Bluetooth icon flashing). Once connected to the Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth icon will remain solid. By default, once Bluetooth is connected, the primary speaker is the left speaker. To switch the primary speaker to be the right speaker, press the Bluetooth button.

3. Navigate to your device's Bluetooth settings menu and select the speaker name to connect. When the connection is successful, you will hear “Bluetooth Connected” from the primary speaker (if voice prompts are enabled). When Bluetooth audio playback begins, you should hear it through both speakers. The primary speaker will play the left channel while the

secondary speaker plays the right channel. Playback controls are active on both speakers.

To disconnect two speakers or cancel linking between the two, double-press the Stereo-Link button on either speaker.