It's best practice to keep your Total PA Freedom's firmware up to date to ensure optimal performance stability and full-feature access. This quick guide serves to walk you through the steps of doing so via the ION Sound Control application.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Prior to beginning the update process, please install the ION Sound Control application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and ensure that it is up to date.

  2. Connect your mobile device to your Total PA Freedom via Bluetooth, then sync with ION Sound Control via the steps copied below. If prompted to grant location access, please do so.

  3. After syncing with ION Sound Control, tap the hamburger menu in the top-right of the application screen, then tap Firmware Update. This will open the Firmware Update Menu.

  4. If a firmware update is available, the Update Now button will show. Tap this button to begin the update. If your firmware is already up to date, the Firmware Update Menu will inform you as such.

  5. After tapping the Update Now button, the firmware update will begin. While the firmware update is running, be sure to keep your device in close proximity to your Total PA Freedom and do not allow your device to lock or go to sleep.

  6. Once the firmware update has completed, your Total PA Freedom will restart. To check for a successful update, simply reopen ION Sound Control and check the Firmware Update Menu; The firmware will now show as up to date.

Additional Resources

Now that your Total PA Freedom's firmware is up to date, please feel free to make use of the additional tutorials copied below to master the functions and features of your device.