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What is included in the box with the ION Audio Party Splash?

  • Party Splash ™ Speaker
  • Micro-USB cable (3.2 ft. / 100 cm)
  • Quickstart Guide


Is the ION Audio Party Splash waterproof?

The Party Splash is IP67 waterproof certified, meaning that it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

The Party Splash battery takes up to 4 hours to fully recharge.


How long will a fully charged battery last?

When fully charged, the Party Splash will last up to 20 hours, depending on the features being used and the volume at which content is being played.


Is the battery user replaceable?

Party Splash features a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery - this is not user-replaceable.


How do I connect to Bluetooth?

  1. Make sure the speaker is within range of your Bluetooth device (no more than 100 ft. / 30.5 m away).
  2. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker.
  3. Navigate to your Bluetooth device’s setup screen. Then find and select Party Splash. Do not connect to iSP149_BLE; this is reserved exclusively for connecting to the ION Sound XP™ app. If your Bluetooth device prompts for a pairing code, enter 0000. Once a Bluetooth device is connected, the LED near the Bluetooth button will be lit solid blue.


How far can the Bluetooth connection go?

The Bluetooth connection is rated up to 100 feet, or 30.5 meters.


  1. Power on Party Splash ™ and the other compatible ION speaker.
  2. Double press the Bluetooth button on one speaker. Repeat this for the second speaker. The speakers will search for each other to link as their blue LEDs begin to blink fast.
  3. When the two speakers are “linked,” one speaker’s blue LED will be lit solid, while the other speaker’s blue LED will blink slowly to indicate it’s ready to pair the stereo-linked speakers to your Bluetooth device.
  4. Navigate to your Bluetooth device’s setup screen, find “Party Splash” and connect. To disconnect, double press the Bluetooth button on one of the two speakers.

Note: It may take up to 1 minute to make the connection.


Why does my ION Audio Party Splash power off on its own?

The ION Audio Party Splash has a power-saving feature that will cause it to automatically power off if not being actively used for 15 minutes. 


How do I answer incoming phone calls on the ION Party Splash?

To answer a call when connected via Bluetooth, quickly press and release the Play/Pause button. Bluetooth music will be paused until the call is completed or rejected.

To reject an incoming call, press and hold the Play/Pause button.

To control the volume of the caller, use the +/- buttons.

To end a call and resume playback of Bluetooth music, press Play/Pause.


What is the ION Audio Sound XP App?

The ION Audio Sound XP App is an app available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to control applicable features of your Ion Audio device from a compatible smartphone or tablet. 

For more details about the ION Audio Sound XP App, visit our FAQ guide here


Which functions of the Party Splash can be controlled by the ION Audio Sound XP App?

  •  Radio: Play the radio, change stations, and edit presets.
  •  EQ Adjustment: Adjust the speaker's low, mid, and high band equalization.
  •  EQ Preset: Select from the EQ presets in the drop-down menu.
  •  Volume: Adjust the speaker volume.
  •  Stereo Linking: Text window for Stereo-Linking instructions.
  •  Light Effect: Select which individual LED section is on or off, and cycle the lighting effect between Color Cycle, Beat Sync, and Off.
  •  Battery Status: Displays the battery level.
  •  Support: Visit, contact Technical Support, and view Warranty information and Frequently Asked Questions.