The ION Audio Uber Boom Ultra is able to Stereo-Link to one additional Uber Boom Ultra Speaker.

To Link two Uber Boom Ultra speakers:

  1. Be sure to disconnect Bluetooth devices before attempting to pair both speakers. Press and hold the Bluetooth button to do this.

  2. Press and hold the Play/Pause button on each Uber Boom Ultra speaker. The Bluetooth
    LEDs will begin to rapidly flash blue to indicate they are attempting to link. Please allow 10
    to 30 seconds for the speakers to link.

  3. Once the speakers are linked, the secondary speaker's Bluetooth LED will be lit solid blue,
    and the primary speaker's blue woofer LEDs will spin to indicate it is searching for a
    Bluetooth device to pair with.

  4. Navigate to your device's Bluetooth settings menu and select Uber Boom Ultra to
    connect. When the connection is successful, you will hear "Bluetooth Connected" from the
    primary speaker (if voice prompts are enabled). When audio playback begins, you should
    hear it through both speakers. The primary speaker will play the left channel while the
    secondary speaker plays the right channel. Playback controls are active on both speakers.

  5. To exit Stereo-Link mode, press and hold the Play/Pause button for two seconds on one
    Uber Boom Ultra. You will hear "Bluetooth disconnected" from the primary speaker to
    indicate the link has been broken (if voice prompts are enabled.)