The ION Audio Game Day Primetime would be able to Stereo-Link with one additional Game Day Primetime speaker.

To link both speakers

  1. Press and hold the Stereo-Link/Repeat button on each Game Day Primetime speaker. A beeping sound will be heard and the Stereo-Link and Bluetooth icons in each unit's display will begin flashing while attempting to link. Please allow 10 to 30 seconds for the speakers to link.

    Once the speakers are linked, the Stereo-Link icons on both speakers will be lit solidly, and the Bluetooth icons will flash to indicate it is searching for a device to pair with.

  2. Select which unit will be the “primary” speaker by pressing and releasing the Bluetooth button on that unit.

  3. Navigate to your device's Bluetooth settings menu and select GAME DAY PRIMETIME to connect. When the connection is successful, you will hear "Bluetooth Connected" from the primary speaker (if voice prompts are enabled). When Bluetooth audio playback begins, you should hear it through both speakers. The primary speaker will play the left channel while the secondary speaker plays the right channel.

  4. To exit Stereo-Link mode, double-press the Stereo-Link/Repeat button. The primary speaker will remain paired to your Bluetooth device. The secondary speaker will begin searching for a new Bluetooth device to pair to, and you will hear "Bluetooth Pairing" if voice prompts are enabled.