Please be aware that the ION Geode Rock Speakers will only link in pairs (2 speakers at a time). It is not possible to link multiple pairs of Geode Rock Speakers. 

To sync your Geode Rock Speaker pair, follow along with the video here or the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the Power button to turn on one speaker. You will hear “Power On” and “Bluetooth Mode” if voice prompts are enabled. This will be the primary speaker.

  2. If you are not already connected, pair your Bluetooth device to the primary speaker using the directions above.

  3. Power on the second speaker by pressing and holding the Power button.

  4. The two speakers will automatically begin searching for each other. Once a connection is established, you will hear “Linked” (if voice prompts are enabled) and the LEDs on both speakers will be lit solid blue.

    Note: Speakers should be within 50’ (15 m) of each other to properly link. The closer the speakers are, the faster they will link.

  5. You can now begin streaming audio from your Bluetooth device, which will play from both the primary and secondary speakers at the same time. 

If you're having difficulty getting your ION Geode Rock Speakers to link, one of the following steps should resolve the problem:

  1. Keep the speakers close together while linking - less than 50ft but ideally as close as possible during the first connection.

  2. Only power on one speaker at a time. The first speaker, or "primary speaker", should be powered on and connected to your Bluetooth device (phone, tablet, etc.) before the second speaker is powered on.

    The "primary speaker" is only the speaker connected to your Bluetooth device. Either speaker in the pair can be used as the "primary" speaker and this can change from one session to the next.

  3. Reset the Bluetooth memory on the speaker - If you have tried a series of steps like restarting the speaker, connecting, disconnecting, connecting the other speaker, connecting a different device, etc., then we recommend resetting the Bluetooth memory and starting from scratch.

    To do this, double-click the Bluetooth button to disconnect the speaker from all connected devices, or hold down the power button and continue holding until the Geode speaker turns off and turns back on again.

  4. Manually disconnect the Geode Rock Speakers from any connected Bluetooth devices.
    1. On your Bluetooth device, go to the Bluetooth setup menu. 
    2. Find Geode Rock Speakers in the list of available or previously connected devices, tap the "gear" or “i” icon located next to it and then select Unpair or Forget
    3. Turn Geode Rock Speakers off and back on and try pairing again once it reappears in the list of your available devices.

      Note: If Geode Rock Speakers have been paired to another audio device recently that is still within range, you may need to repeat this process with that audio device to fully disconnect.