Table of Contents

What's included in the box?

Opening up the Solar Sounds, you will find the following:

  • (2) Solar Sounds

  • 12 V, 3 A Charging Adapter

  • Quickstart Guide

  • Safety & Warranty Manual

What are the dimensions of the Solar Sounds?

The dimensions of a single Solar Sound unit are as follows : (HxWxD):  11.04” x 16.68” x 7.92”

What are the Multi-Sync capabilities of the Solar Sounds?

The Solar Sounds are capable of multi-syncing with up to 100 other identical speakers or a combination of several other ION Audio brand speakers. Please see this link for compatible devices:

Are the Solar Sounds water resistant? 

The Solar Sounds is IPX5 water resistant, meaning it is safe to leave in the rain or near the pool

Is the battery user replaceable?

The Solar Sounds features a built-in rechargeable 5v 2ah lithium polymer battery, which is not user-replaceable.

How long will Solar Sounds last on a single charge?

The Solar Sounds battery will last up to 20 hours, depending on the features being used, and the volume at which content is being played.

 What are the power supply specifications of the Solar Sounds?

The power supply for the Solar Sounds is 12V 3A AC Power Adapter (4.8ft / 147cm) 

Can I use the Solar Sounds with the ION Sound XP App?

You will get the most control out of the Solar Sounds by using the ION Sound XP App.  With the App, you can control the lights on the Solar Sounds, and you will have some additional audio settings to customize as well.

How do I connect to the Solar Sounds via Bluetooth?

On the Solar Sounds, press down the Bluetooth button, you should hear a voice command that says “Bluetooth Pairing”.  Next, on your device’s Bluetooth settings, be sure to select the Solar Sounds.  You will hear a voice prompt that says “Bluetooth Paired”, and you are all set.