Ever looked at your Amazon Alexa or Echo Dot and wished it had more power for your party? With an ION Speaker, you can pair it up and have the ability to play an ION speaker powered by Alexa. To do so, you'll need to have a smart device like a phone or a tablet for setup, and to download the Amazon Alexa app from your phone's App Store. From there, you're going to want to turn on your speaker, then make sure to press the pairing button and put the speaker into pairing mode.

Once you've done this, go into your Amazon Alexa App and select the Devices Screen. From here, select your Alexa Device that you'd like to pair.

Under the Bluetooth Connections select Connect a Device.

On this screen, you'll want to select your device. Please be sure to select the device and not the BLE profile, as audio will not play over this BLE profile. If you do not see your device, you may not have the ION speaker in pairing mode still.

Please note that while using this pairing, use of the ION App through your device is also good for adjusting the speaker's volume and EQ.

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